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Product Classification
  • Transformer Hardware
    T wiring clampsprotection hardwarecontact hardwareconnection hardwarebus hardwarestrainer clampsequipment clampssuspension clamps
    T wiring clamps
    protection hardware
    contact hardware
    connection hardware
    bus hardware
    strainer clamps
    equipment clamps
    suspension clamps
  • Line Hardware
    protection hardwareconnection hardwarestay wire hardwareconnection hardwaretension clampssuspension clamps
    protection hardware
    connection hardware
    stay wire hardware
    connection hardware
    tension clamps
    suspension clamps
  • Iron Accessories
    cross armshoopsstay rodsbenchsdrawing process
    cross arms
    stay rods
    drawing process

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Our advantage
   -- Great quality and famous reputation                                                                                                                      

Complete product categories, with sufficient inventory at direct mill price
Fair price with no compromise on Quality
Compliance with quality certification.

Long term stable supply allow us to provide you with great service

Our Professional after-sales service team will solve problems quickly should the need arise.
Sufficient inventory to ensure timely delivery.

The production process is strictly controlled using our multi inspection QA system.

We strictly use national standards and professional ethics. Our company uses scientific management, advanced technology and equipment, and full testing. This  means excellent product quality. In 2002, our products passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification.

We will deliver to the construction site of our customer on time every time.

Company Profile

Founded in 1968, Tangshan Huanye Mechanical and Electrical industry Co., Ltd. is a National second-class enterprise.

The company is an export based enterprise of mechanical and electrical products,with the right to organize import and export. It is one of the original licensed manufacturers of wholesale production. The licence was issued by the Ministry of water and electricity of the people's Republic of China. The company was one of the main members of the initial national electric power fittings Association, and an initial enterprise for power grid transformation of North China Bureau.

The company is located at the inter section of Beijing Shenyang, Tangjin and tangqin express ways 0.5km, with developed transportation and convenient transportation.

The company covers an area of 45000 square meters, with total assets of 27 million yuan... more

Tangshan Huanye Mechanical and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.
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