Tangshan Huanye Mechanical and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile

Founded in 1968, Tangshan Huanye Mechanical and Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. is a National second-class enterprise.

The company is an export based enterprise of mechanical and electrical products,with the right to organize import and export. It is one of the original licensed manufacturers of wholesale production. The licence was issued by the Ministry of water and electricity of the people's Republic of China. The company was one of the main members of the initial national electric power fittings Association, and an initial enterprise for power grid transformation of North China Bureau.

The company is located at the inter section of Beijing Shenyang, Tangjin and tangqin express ways 0.5km, with developed transportation and convenient transportation.

The company covers an area of 45000 square meters, with total assets of 27 million yuan.

At present, there are 127 employees, composied of 32 professional middle and senior technical personnel.

Our main equipment includes forging, casting, riveting, mechanical manufacturing, mold, heat treatment, hot-dip galvanizing and other equipment.

We maintain a modern laboratory for the chemical and physical testing of our range of products.

The main products of the company are more than 1000 varieties of high and low voltage overhead line power fittings: suspension clamp series, strain clamp series, connection fittings series, connection fittings series, protection fittings series, stay wire fittings series, power station fittings series and steel structure non-standard fittings. The annual production is over 6000 tons.

The NLZ type strain clamp new product developed and produced by us in 2004 has the advantages of small volume, light weight, convenient construction, small eddy current, energy saving and low price.

This clampis suitable for the anchoring of high and low voltage distribution network and substation wires, especially for the installation and transformation of urban power lines. The product has won the provincial excellent new product award.

Our company's products are registered under the trademark “HUAN YE” brand of electric power fittings. Lately, as the transformation of urban and rural power gridsoccurs, it has proven to be a popular choice in both domestic provinces and autonomous regions. We also sell well into South America, South Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Mongolia and many other countries andregions, with happy end users who endorse our quality.

Points to note:

We maintain national professional Standards at all times.

We work using scientific management systems, advanced technology and equipment.

Our testing regime ensures excellent product production(2002 achieved iso 9001)

Huan Ye branded products are constantly reviewed and upgraded to be cutting edge quality and reliability to ensure that our customers always get what they ordered.

Our aim is to display a willingness to work side by side withour collegues in the industry to produce a prosperous and safe development of the electrical power industry.